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About Us

About Revamp Hospital

Welcome to Revamp Hospital for Psychiatry. We work towards providing high quality and advanced mental health care for all. Mental illness is highly stigmatized in India, and hence it becomes even more important to emphasize that effective treatment of diseases of the mind and disorders of behavior is just as important for well being as physical health.

In today’s era, advances in modern medicine have made is it possible to treat many psychiatric illnesses to the point of recovery or improved level of rehabilitation among people- making it possible for them to lead near normal lives. Revamp Hospital is conveniently located in Chennai – within the reach of supportive services (transportation etc) which in turn make our services easily accessible for all.

Revamp Hospital has a team of well qualified and experienced medical and para-medical professionals. This team of experienced and well regarded professionals includes Dr.P Devaraj (M.Sc, M.Phil, Ph.D) renowned clinical psychologist in chennai and Founder of Solution Counseling Center, Since 2001 it’s has been providing affordable (psychological) treatment for over 16 years to people in distress and desperate situation and deserving mental health and care. In many leading psychiatric hospitals and de addiction centers, Dr. Devaraj is a well known consultant clinical psychologist and one of the leading psychotherapist- in Chennai. He is also one among the few psychologists who does hypnosis


Our Mission

To strive for excellence, while restoring trust in each client through our services modern and latest programs in treatment delivered through a team of experienced and qualified professionals.

Our Vision

Our vision is to improve patient recovery through committed service, family and society networking, and maximizing the rudiments of evidence based treatment & practices.

Our Values

  • Excellence – The best people doing their best work
  • Teamwork – Accountable to each other to do our best
  • Hope – Inspiring people to reach their potential
  • Integrity – Doing the right thing
  • Caring – Respect and compassion for self and others